4th of July Parade: Sarge’s Trivia

July 4, 2024
• Check out all the Trivia questions and answers from this year’s 4th of July Parade broadcast.

Did you miss our live coverage of the Needham 4th of July Parade? Our hosts, Colleen Lavery and Mike “Sarge” Riley, asked every guest a trivia question! Here are all the questions and answers:

1) During World War 2, where was the Declaration of Independence stored?

2) Which US State is home to the nation’s longest running 4th of July celebration, dating back to 1785?

3) What was the first US State to make Independence Day an official state holiday?

4) How many US Presidents have died on the 4th of July?

5) According to Instacart.com, what cookout item had the biggest surge in sales the most leading up to this year?

6) According to Food & Wine.com, what do Americans eat more of on July 4th, beef, pork or chicken?

7) The 50th star was added to the flag when Hawaii joined the union. The star was added on the 4th of July in which year?

8) What was the total number of people to sign the Declaration of Independence?

9) An official document notifying the public that the Continental Congress declared its freedom from Great Britain was on July 4, 1776. But, what was the actual date declaring freedom from Great Britain?

10) Costing approximately $127 for ten people, which US State is the most expensive to have a BBQ?

11) Which city hosted the first official Independence Day celebration on July 4, 1777?

1) During World War 2, the Declaration of Independence was stored at Fort Knox.
2) Rhode Island was the state that hosts the longest running celebration of Independence Day…
3) …but Massachusetts was the first to recognize it as a state holiday on July 3, 1781.
4) Three United States presidents died on the 4th of July: James Madison, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
5) Corn saw the biggest surge in sales leading up to July 4th according to Instacart.com, by going up 380%.
6) Chicken, meanwhile, is the meat of choice, according to Food & Wine.com.
7) Hawaii became a state on July 4, 1960.
8) There were 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence.
9) The date was July 2, 1776.
10) Pull out those wallets! The most expensive state to hold a barbecue in is Massachusetts.
11) Bringing it all back to celebrating July 4th, the city of Philadelphia first officially celebrated the date back in 1777.

Our thanks to Mike Riley for compiling these questions for the Needham Channel’s parade coverage.

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