You-do-it Electronics to Close Wednesday

June 7, 2024
• The electronics outlet’s last day will mark the end to a 75-year-long history and legacy in Needham.

Following an email to customers announcing its then-indefinite closure, “You-do-it” Electronics Center will officially close its doors on June 12, staff confirmed Friday morning.

The family-owned store, located on Franklin Street, served as a hub for enthusiasts and professionals, offering everything from TV tubes to modern coding equipment for the region and beyond. Its unique signage, visible off Route 128, also came to symbolize Needham for its residents.

Since informing the community of its impending closure two weeks ago, the store received an outpouring of support, the family said. The business aimed to sell off its current inventory and furniture, and given the substantial response, they’ve been “pretty much getting cleaned out,” John Ahigian said Friday. That prompted them to select a specific closing day, he said.

Old and new shoppers have visited the store over the last couple weeks, keeping the operation busy.

“I need a vacation,” Ahigian said, in response to the foot traffic. Ahigian is the son of the store’s founder, also John Ahigian.

The future of their 40 Franklin St. building is still unclear, but Ahigian said they’ll have more answers once they close and regroup.

“We’ve got to think about something,” Ahigian said. “We didn’t know it was going to be that much of a loss to the community.”

In their email to patrons, the store thanked customers and invited them to celebrate “the cornerstone of the electronics industry” while they remained open.

“While the decision to close is bittersweet, we know that the memories created will endure,” the email stated. “As we prepare for this transition, we encourage you to come say goodbye and take advantage as we sell off our existing inventory and place special orders for popular products.”

The store will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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