A Primer on Artificial Intelligence

August 17, 2023
• From Alexa to Google to ChatGPT, your computers, cell phones and even your television is watching and listening to you. It helps them deliver better service, and makes your life easier and more enjoyable….but at what cost?

Life in the modern age–at least in our corner of the globe–could not exist without Artificial Intelligence. Arguably still in its infancy, we keep finding ways to utilize computers in a responsive and predictive way. But that does not make the technology either responsible or its implications predictable. This thought made our News Producer Ashley Julier stop and take a moment. She sought out two Needham experts to give her an overview of what AI actually is, and how we need to work as a society to keep it in check.

First up was Northeastern University professor Christo Wilson. He helped to explain to us how artificial intelligence works and the advantages and potential drawbacks of the technology.

Adaptable, lightning-quick and clever beyond belief, Artificial Intelligence has caught our imagination with what it can do and offer us. It is now integrated into hiring processes, criminal investigations, and many more areas of life we just don’t think about. We discuss the potential concerns about using the technology with Olin professor Erhardt Graeff, and learn why it’s important for everyone to take part in the conversation about AI.

This story ran as part of the Needham Channel News, a weekly newscast airing on The Needham Channel every Thursday at 7:30pm. The Needham Channel News can be found on the Community Channel: Comcast 9, Astound 15 and Verizon 29. Most Thursdays it also can be viewed on our HD Channel on Verizon 2129, Astound 613 and streaming on this site.
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