Monkeypox FAQ

The federal government declared monkeypox a Public Health Emergency, so we spoke to the epidemiologist for the town of Needham to find out what this means for residents.

Having faced COVID-19 over the past three years, many are suffering from pandemic burn-out. When the news broke on the spread of Monkeypox, we wondered how worried we need to be. News producer Ashley Morin spoke with the town’s epidemiologist to find out what the disease is, how it spreads, and how to best minimize the chance of exposure.

This story ran as part of the Needham Channel News, a weekly newscast airing on The Needham Channel every Thursday at 7:30pm. The Needham Channel News can be found on the Community Channel: Comcast 9, Astound 15 and Verizon 29. Most Thursdays it also can be viewed on our HD Channel on Verizon 2129, Astound 613 and streaming on this site.
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