Legislative Review with Senator Becca Rausch

Massachusetts lawmakers were able to strike deals on lots of issues before the August 1st formal legislative session deadline. With Governor Charlie Baker’s signature earlier this month, several compromise bills passed by both branches have become laws that will soon affect topics as diverse as access to medical care and how the state addresses climate change.

To review the accomplishments and disappointments of this session, State Senator Becca Rausch took the time to come to our studio and highlight legislation on reproductive rights, election reform, mental health care access, climate and clean energy and more.

She also spoke about the tabled $4 billion Economic Development Bill that includes tax relief and one-time tax rebates, as well as investments in affordable housing, childcare and healthcare.

You can use the timecode below the video box to check out certain areas of interest.

00:46 The Climate and Clean Energy Bill
01:14 Reproductive and Gender-affirming Care
03:00 Election Reform
04:58 The Sports Betting Bill and the Mental Health Access Bill
05:25 The SPEED Act
05:03 The Judiciary IT Bond Bill and the State Gun Laws
08:33 More on the Climate and Clean Energy Bill
12:12 Equity in the Cannabis Industry
12:53 The Transportation Infrastructure Bond Bill
16:03 The Economic Development Bill
21:23 Increase Access to Menstrual Products (The I AM Bill)
22:22 Affordable Early Education

23:26 Strengthen Local Public Health Systems
24:47 Plastic Bags Reduction
26:26 The Next Step
28:04 Mental Health Text Line for Youth (Hey Sam)

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